Course Description

The Course

The Tough Mountain Challenge is designed by a highly trained and frighteningly creative team of event master minds who spend sleepless nights imagining ways to challenge and torture the mind, body and soul. We also solicit and incorporate competitor feedback each year to make the course the best it can be. And because we limit the number of competitors and spread out the field into heats, you'll find the course to be a continuous challenge from start to finish without the crowding, backups and waiting that plague the bigger events. Here you can take a look at the 2015 Tough Mountain Challenge Course and obstacles, to give you an idea what you might be against.

2015 Obstacles

Tough Mountain Challenge Course   Shoe Sucker

Love us or hate us. We’re going to start your TMC adventure with a little ankle dip in a very “small,” but sticky mud pit. Tie those shoes on tight. There’s a dirty little devil at the bottom that tends to suck the shoes off even the most muscle bound babes! We’re still picking out Pumas from 2010 .

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    Hurricane Valley

Sprint, walk, or stumble through 12 high-powered, ass-kicking snowmaking guns. While you’ll welcome the refreshing blast of cold water, the actual velocity will surely send you off course, make you question your direction, and wonder when you can take your next breath. Helpful hint: Leave the goggles home. If you have contacts, just shut your eyes.

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    Snow & Steady

Now it is time to calm your breathing and find your inner balance as you cross over a dark, mysterious pond on snowmaking pipes. Beware of the slippery cylinder. There’s one that may have some extra lube for your pipe-passing pleasure. The steadier you are, the faster you go. The more focused you are, the more likely… Wait. Is that a beaver?! Splash.

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    valley of Death

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Quote Psalm 23:4 all you want. Cause Lord knows you are not going to be able to breathe or see shit for about 100 ft. Just bow your head, genuflect, and plow through this narrow but very intense Valley of Death. .

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    muddier bobber

Aren’t wet enough? Let’s try again. Submerge yourself in a very dirty, slug-infested pond while trying to avoid the metal contraptions overhead. We probably should have called this the hangover because most people end up drinking the dirty water and clocking their noggins, which sounds a lot like last night’s party! And this year we’ve added a filthy happy ending. .

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    The big v

The world’s greatest challenge is navigating the Big V. An extreme drop down, over a trickling stream, to an exhausting hike out, this obstacle will make you question your skills. Put on your game  face and keep in mind: You’ll be sweating, you’ll be out of breath, and it always takes longer than you think!

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    Wall in the Woods

Can’t go under…can’t go around. So up you go. Now you must navigate over this very rustic, rickety wall of logs, which seems to grow each year. Survivor hint: After the wall, turn left immediately. Any hesitation will take you over a 40-foot drop to a granite ledge below. We want to make this course hard, not your death wish. .

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    Black Hole

The Black Hole is looking more like a black jelly bean these days, which makes it even more challenging to squeeze through. You’ll follow a steam bed up to a 50-foot culvert that crosses under a ski trail. Hustle your love muscle, though, because we’re handing out Tasers at the beginning of the hole to keep things moving at a fast pace.

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    WTF

Legend has it that a couple of course guinea pigs rounded the corner to the base of this section, looked up and said, “WTF?!” Now it’s your turn. Crawl up this incredibly steep pitch. Or two or three. Your body will ache all over and you will want to give up, throw up, and scream at top of your lungs. Don’t stop! We’ll have Metallica, Eminem, and Poison rooting you on! Oh, watch out for Poison Ivy, and we’re not talking about just the band.

Tough Mountain Challenge Course    Snow carrying

Familiar with our North American Wife Carrying Championship in October? Well here it is in July. Except, instead of carrying a full body on your back, you have to carry one of Sunday River’s legendary tripod snow guns through in entire 270-yard course with obstacles. Show us your guns in this course within a course .

Tough Mountain Challenge Course Tough Mountain Challenge Course    buried alive

If you’re afraid of the dark, dislike the smell of death, and shudder at the thought of spiders and ticks, well, you came to the wrong obstacle. You’ll be on your belly as you work your way through this claustrophobic, insect-infested maze. Forget about seeing the end of this tunnel. Its ass-to-mouth all the way. Tough Mountain’s version of the human centipede .

Tought Mountain Challenge CourseTought Mountain Challenge Course    Shotgun station

Ok, so not really an obstacle. Unless you can’t open your throat and toss back all the deliciousness (holla!) of a cold Bud Light. This is, of course, optional. But those who have partaken in the past, surely love the break. Make sure you have your free beer bracelet. Cause no cash, credit card, or sweet smile is getting you a beverage. Only the very special bracelet. Water is available for those who prefer Coors Light!

Tought Mountain Challenge CourseTought Mountain Challenge Course    bust n burn

Our once-thriving mogul event here on White Heat has changed location. Now at the base of Spruce Lift, your thighs will be singing the praises of rolling hills and muddy water brought together in a design similar to wartime trenches. Even the tallest racers will have a tough time skipping tip to tip. Plan on going down and fighting to get out. Much like crawling out of a wet muddy grave.

Tought Mountain Challenge CourseTought Mountain Challenge Course    Barker pond leap frog

Leap Frog on steroids. Delicately skip over wooden pads across Barker Pond, until you reach The Green Monster. Our devilish pond elves have created yet another doozy. Trust us when we say you will get wet and have to swim. Can’t swim? Three choices: Walk around, snag one of the life jackets, or tell the lifeguards before you begin so they can plan on pulling your ass out (wouldn’t suggest the last choice).

Tought Mountain Challenge CourseTought Mountain Challenge Course    the shredder mud pit

We’ve managed to get the most perfect mud for the most sadistic experience. And screw barbed wire. Razor wire is where it’s at. Why poke when you can slice? Helpful hint: Take your time, stay down on your belly (not all fours), and watch your ponytails. We are still pulling hair and spandex out of last year’s wire .

Tought Mountain Challenge CourseTought Mountain Challenge Course    The scraper

No mud or water here. Just tall concrete pillars you need to navigate over. This is where you put pencil to paper, or scabs to stone. Concrete is not so forgiving on the skin. Did you witness Red Bull Frozen Rush in January? Notice the Jersey barriers all over the course? No? Well, you will notice ’em now and you’ll come to know them intimately .

Tought Mountain Challenge CourseTought Mountain Challenge Course    Slip, Slide, and Die

Longer, faster, and ribbed for your pleasure. We’re talking about a slip ’n’ slide, of course. This delightful finale obstacle is purely gravity fed and any attempts to avoid the actual sliding will be pointless. Just jump on and enjoy the ride.