2016 Tough Mountain Challenge

Tough Mountain Challenge 2016 will be on July 23 and is already over 90% sold out. Register now or risk living with the regret of missing out.

Individual Registration
Until Sold Out $99

All dates have a cutoff time of midnight EST.

What does registration include?

  1. Your entry into the most awesome race in the universe.
  2. An awesome race shirt.
  3. A free beer you can have before your heat, after your heat, or even during your heat at our mid-course beer station.

All competitors register as Individuals, then once registered you can create or join Teams at any time up to July 1. Teams can consist of four or more competitors and will be timed as the average of each team member's finish time, so Team members do not need to register together or run in the same heat. Individual awards will be issued to the top three finishers in three age categories: Under 30, 30-39, and Over 40. Team awards will be given to each of the top three teams. All competitors will select their heat at the time of registration and must run in their assigned heat.


Tough Mountain Challenge is open to ages 13 and up, but recommended for ages 18 and up. Please note that any competitors under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign a release form at check-in the day of the event.


Registration is non-refundable, however transfers can by made before July 1, 2016 for a $25 fee by signing in below. The Tough Mountain Challenge Facebook page is a good spot to look for people who might want to pick up your spot if you're already registered, or find someone looking who's looking to transfer out.

2016 Mini Mountain Challenge

Hold your horses there! Mini Mountain Challenge registration opens in the spring of 2016. So we have time to chill, but that doesn't mean that your kids cannot start training and getting exited!

2016 Tough Mountain Challenge Registration Form