The Course

20+ Obstacles. Unlimited Fun

What you're about to read may be the stuff of your nightmares, but our dedicated and frighteningly creative team of obstacle planners gets joy from imagining ways to challenge and torture the mind, body, and soul. There's no preparing for a race like this, but you can certainly try. 

Stay tuned for the 2021 course details!

2019 Course Overview

2019 Obstacles

Mile 1

  • 1. Got Sneakers Shoe Sucker
    A wonderfully dirty start to a wickedly awesome adventure, and a surefire way to add ten pounds of mud to your shoes before running up the mountain. Don’t worry if you lose a shoe. We are donating all lost sneakers to But that doesn’t really help you navigate the rest of your rocky run.
  • 2. Hurricane Alley
    Twelve low-energy/high-velocity snow guns create waves of water for you to charge through while making your way uphill. Beware, this is no garden sprinkler, and “low-energy” might just be an understatement. Feel free to bring your water goggles and leave your contacts home.
  • 3. Cage Choker
    Claustrophobic? Love it or hate it, you'll need to relax your anxieties as you as you claw your way through this one. Don't pass out in the middle, as nobody will be able to reach you.
  • 4. Foam Pit Party
    You go from being super muddy to super sudsy! This 5,000 cubic feet Foam Party is complete with a down low tunnel in and a quick and slippery exit over a wall.
  • 5. NEW: The Steamroller
    A steamroller is defined as an oppressive and relentless power or force. You certainly won’t look the same when you exit this. It will suck you in and spit you out!
  • 6. Valley of Death
    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Quote Psalm 23:4 all you want. Cause Lord knows you are not going to be able to breathe or see shit for about 100 ft. Just bow your head, genuflect, and plow through this narrow but very intense Valley of Death.
  • 7. Bust 'n' Burn
    A nod to our retired thigh-burning mogul competition, you'll race across 100 feet of deep, muddy ditches under a barrage of snow guns. Try skipping peak-to-peak and risk falling into a wet muddy grave.
  • 8. Waterfall Tire Climb
    This isn’t a scenic waterfall. Stumble down a steep ravine then climb up a 20 foot cascading waterfall on a wall of slick tires. If you smell burning rubber, don’t worry. It’s just your muscles on overdrive. #burnout

2019 Obstacles

Mile 2

  • 9. Thataway
    You’ll follow a stream bed up to a 50-foot culvert that crosses under a ski trail called Thataway. Hustle your love muscle though because the folks behind you have been given permission to pinch. Cue the flashback to being chased up a set of stairs by your siblings.
  • 10. WTF
    Your back will ache, your legs will scream, and you'll want to throw up as you push straight uphill to conquer the biggest obstacle in TMC. Remember: pain is just weakness leaving the body. FACT: 25% puke at the top of this natural obstacle.
  • 11. NEW: Spider's Web
    Get on all fours and navigate this web of slacklines over a muddy, watery hell. The faster you get through this, the less painful it will be!
  • 12. NEW: Creepy Crawler
    Time to belly up to the bugs. You have to crawl through this obstacle, which will definitely leave your skin crawling too.
  • 13. NEW: B2W
    It's time to go balls (or boobs) to the walls. This obstacle takes both upper and lower body strength to master.

2019 Obstacles

Mile 3 (and a bit)

  • 14. REVAMPED: Baxter Brewing Shotgun Station
    A TMC tradition, feel free to take a quick, mid-course break to shotgun a beer. But it’s not just any beer. New this year, our shotgun station will have Baxter Brewing Company waiting for our 21+ competitors. It’s optional, but the bar maids are rather brutal if you decide to skip this one.
  • 15. Muddy Bobber
    Make like a bobber as you duck under water to pass below metal beams then pop up to take a breath between each one. Just don't pop up too soon and crush your skull, or swallow any dirty water.
  • 16. Hay Tower
    Now that you’re all muddy, let’s try and climb a huge pyramid of hay. The mud is a great glue for other insects and itchy straw.
  • 17. REVAMPED: Barker Pond Obstacle Extravanganza
    How many obstacles can you fit in Barker Pond? You’ll find out! This obstacle requires swimming. If you can't swim, grab a PFD on your way in. Spectators can get in on the action this year with our new water gun station.
  • 18. Shredder Mud Crawl
    After years of experimentation, we've perfected our mud recipe to ensure you won't be able to pass too quickly, and can’t avoid getting super muddy. Don't forget about the razor-sharp barbed wire just above your back. We’re still picking out hair and clothing from last year’s tryst.
  • 19. Snow & Steady
    Slowly balance your way across snowmaking pipes over a very long and very dirty pond. Remember, mud makes everything slippery.
  • 20. Slip, Slide & Die
    Longer, faster, and ribbed for your pleasure. This delightful obstacle is gravity-fed and deposits you into a pool with a mighty splash. Jump on and enjoy the ride.
  • 21. Happy Ending
    Finish as you started, with a quick hit of mud.