Registration for Tough Mountain 2020 is open!

Tough Mountain Challenge 2020 will be Saturday, July 25 -- and registration is open.

Every year, over 2,000 people sign up for Tough Mountain during the first week of registration for the widest selection of heats and the best rates. 2020 registration is will start at $90 this week then increase at midnight on Friday, August 2. Sign up right now and don't miss out!

Plus, new for 2020 you can add Registration Protection to your entry and get a full refund if you can't make the event.

    • Ages 13+
      Tough Mountain Challenge
      Through January 15


      1. Your entry into the most awesome race in the universe
      2. A cool race shirt you can show off
      3. Kick-ass medals for every finisher
      4. A beer to have before your heat, after you finish, or at the mid-course beer station
      5. Bib and chip timing
    • Ages 7-12
      Mini Mountain Challenge

      Coming soon for 2020

      Registration for the 7-9 and 10-12 races includes: 

      1. Your kid's entry into a scaled-down version of Tough Mountain Challenge
      2. An awesome race shirt they won't let you wash
      3. Cool medals and a beaming sense of pride for every finisher
    • Ages 4-6
      Mini Mountain Challenge

      Coming soon for 2020.

      Registration for the 4-6 race includes: 

      1. Your kid's entry into an age-appropriate version of Tough Mountain Challenge
      2. An awesome race shirt
      3. Cool medals for every finisher
      4. A guarantee they'll fall asleep on the ride home

Register here

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