JULY 24, 2021 · Tough Mountain Challenge

Pre-Registered Competitors

Participants who were signed up for 2020 and kept their registration will have the option to change their heat times from May 7-14. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign into your account on
  2. Choose Tough Mountain 2021.
  3. Select manage registration, then click start transfer. You will see all available heats.
  4. Choose the heat you would like, then continue to checkout. 
  5. Once you've checked out, this change is final, and your previous heat will be released back into the pool for someone else to claim. Choose wisely. 

Can't make it? You can also transfer your registration to another person for free any time from May 7 through June 21. 

New Competitors

If you weren't registered for the 2020 event (or you received a refund during the allotted time frame for your 2020 registration), you can sign up for the event from May 21 - June 21 through the form below, or by completing a registration transfer with another competitor. After June 21, registration will close for the event, which includes transfers. 

    • Ages 13+

      2021 Tough Mountain Challenge

      per person


      1. Your entry into the most awesome race in the universe
      2. A cool race shirt you can show off
      3. Kick-ass medals for every finisher
      4. A beer (for those 21+) 
      5. Bib and chip timing
    • Ages 7-12

      2021 Mini Mountain Challenge


      Registration for the age 7-9 and 10-12 events include: 

      1. Entry into a scaled-down version of Tough Mountain Challenge
      2. An awesome race shirt they won't let you wash
      3. Cool medals and a beaming sense of pride for every finisher
      4. Bragging rights at school
    • Ages 4-6

      2021 Mini Mountain Challenge


      Registration for the age 4-6 event includes:

      1. Your kid's entry with an age-appropriate obstacle course
      2. An cool race shirt they will cherish then outgrow
      3. Cool medals for every finisher
      4. A guarantee they'll fall asleep on the ride home