JULY 27, 2024 · Tough Mountain Challenge

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    • Ages 13+

      2024 Tough Mountain Challenge

      From $105


      1. Your entry into the most awesome race in the universe
      2. A cool race shirt you can show off
      3. Kick-ass medals for every finisher
      4. A beer (for those 21+) 
      5. Bib and chip timing

    • Ages 7-12

      2024 Mini Mountain Challenge

      Off Sale
      Ages 7-12

      Registration for the age 7-9 and 10-12 events include: 

      1. Entry into a scaled-down version of Tough Mountain Challenge
      2. An awesome race shirt they won't let you wash
      3. Cool medals and a beaming sense of pride for every finisher
      4. Bragging rights at school
    • Ages 4-6

      2024 Mini Mountain Challenge

      Off Sale
      Ages 4-6

      Registration for the age 4-6 event includes:

      1. Your kid's entry with an age-appropriate obstacle course
      2. A cool race shirt they will cherish then outgrow
      3. Cool medals for every finisher
      4. A guarantee they'll fall asleep on the ride home